Candida In Men And Women

Don’t be embarrassed…

A certain embarrassment often exists amongst all of us about having a Candida infection, especially Candida in men.

We fear passing the problem on to our partners.  We are concerned about what exactly has caused it.  And not too many of us like to talk about it.

But in reality we shouldn’t be embarrassed, because all any of us have to do is experience an overgrowth of yeast in our systems (for whatever reasons) and we have Candida knocking on our door.

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Here is the reality…

Candida is a yeast or fungal infection.  There are many different types, but the one that most of us know about is Candida Albicans, a yeast growth which is present in each of us, but is kept in check by bacteria in our intestines.

When, however, the condition thrives and multiplies uncontrollably, an infection such as Candidiasis can occur in different parts of our bodies.

Mostly the condition presents as a nuisance factor, but in the case of seriously ill people, perhaps those suffering from an autoimmune disease or cancer, it can indeed be a threat.

Don’t discount Candida as a cause…

In truth, Candida is often overlooked, as its symptoms are many and varied.  Those who suffer from illnesses like fatigue, joint pain, eczema, sinus infections, emotional instability, depression, or vaginal infections, can in fact be suffering from candidiasis.

The blame for candidiasis has often been laid fairly and squarely at the feet of antibiotic use.  Many of us are beginning to realize that antibiotics are too often over-prescribed, and often for long-term use!

candida in menYou see, when we take antibiotics to deal with unfriendly bacteria, we often kill off friendly bacteria.  And that’s when the trouble begins.

The job of the friendly bacteria is to fight off yeast.  Yeast, however, is unresponsive to antibiotics, and so is soon able to take over in the area where the friendly bacteria once hibernated!  This is referred to by Walter Last as the antibiotic syndrome.

Candida is not just a female problem…

There is a premise amongst many that Candida is a female complaint, but this is not entirely true.  Many males are affected by the condition, especially those who have not been circumcised.

Candida penis infection often appears on the tip of the penis as it breaks through the gastrointestinal tract.

A compromised immune system, for instance, is one major factor of Candida in men.  Candida in men has the tendency to occur in the area of the groin, or if it happens in the penis (male Candida Albicans) the head of the penis will tend to be itchy and swollen, sometimes with a resultant discharge.

This is referred to as balinitis by many doctors or sometimes, just a Candida yeast infection.  If it occurs in the scrotum, there will be a certain amount of tenderness and itching also.

Links to other diseases…

It’s often the case that some men do not realize that they are diabetic for instance, until they are faced with a Candida infection.  Because yeast thrives on sugar, diabetes tends to be a prime causal factor in such infections.

Also, some people on cancer medication find that they have Candida as the medications allow for yeast to flourish in certain parts of their bodies.

The gastro intestinal tract is often where the root cause of the problem is to be found.  Ridding the yeast of its foundation by treating the overgrowth that has occurred is vitally important.

Just fix up your lifestyle and diet…

candida rashOf course, men who are afflicted with this condition should not unnecessarily worry about it.  Treatment is very much dependent on the cause.

However, it may be the case that they should take a close look at their lifestyles and diet as these often play their role in all of this.

High carbohydrate eating and drinking, and too much alcohol often result in creating optimal conditions for yeast outbreaks.

Read Martha Brown’s Candida Yeast Exposed for more help.

If you are reading this and suspect that you may have the condition, it is important to realize that it must be treated and controlled from the inside out.  Overcoming Candida takes time and persistence.

This is a chronic, possibly malevolent infection which must be stemmed in order to build a more resilient you!  Many people think this is just a problem in women, but Candida in men is equally as deserving of help.

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